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Why over 1500 Pre School Children Have Computer Lessons With Us

IT skills in action at pre school
  • Our course is designed for all 2-5 year olds
  • It's FUN  - children love technology
  • Educational - our lessons follow the EYFS
  • Activates "Why, What, When, How?" thinking
  • Independent Learners 
  • Increases your child's confidence/concentration


Our computer technology lessons are both fun and educational, offering 6 different levels of progressive learning for your child at their day nursery. With our know-how and 14 years of experience our bespoke activities and project work will give your child a huge advantage for when they are at nursery and for when they start school. Our curriculum is designed around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where your child will receive individual attention with their own personal tutor. You will be confident that your child will leave pre school with all the knowledge and skills they need to embrace technology in school and in the world around them. We nurture every child's curiosity in computers and together with our fantastic educational software we aim to expand and stretch young minds.

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Learning ICT skills at nursery school

Why parents love our Click IT! Lessons:
"I didn't hesitate in booking my daughter, Tai, a place on the Click IT! course at her day nursery. Tai attended sessions once a week and loved bringing home her printed work. Within a few weeks, she began instructing me how to use the cursor and which button to press on the mouse. It was truly inspiring. Now that she has started school, she is competent in the ICT suite and keen to help her friends who haven't had the opportunity of attending such wellworth lessons. Without a doubt, money well spent for the future."


Unlock Your Child's Full Potential With Our Weekly Computer Lessons

Key learning skills (Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum)
Benefits for Your Child
Mouse skills/cursor control/click/click and drag/click and stick/double click
Where interactive learning comes alive
Navigating around the computer - start menu/icons/quitting/shutting down
Ready and confident for ICT suite
Using our special lower case keyboard to find letter/number keys
Increases ability to problem solve
Using other ICT equipment e.g. graphic tablets/robots/digital microscopes
Inspires creativity
Creative project work to take home using colour printers  
Encourages team work
Phonics/CVC spelling/shapes/colours/interactive storytelling/modelling
Increases sharing and social skills
Songs, music and traditional nursery rhymes
Improves speech
Number recognition/naming/counting/adding/taking away
Increases concentration skills
Problem solving/sorting/matching/sequencing/puzzles
Encourages a questioning mind
Spatial awareness and directional skills 
Makes them think/how, why, what, when

Plus lots, lots more...